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How to Substitute Splenda for Sugar

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sugarSplenda is actually a zero-calorie sweetener which is very commonly used as a sugar substitute. It can be added to hot or cold drinks, like iced tea, coffee, hot tea or drink mix, and even baked goods. Those who include healthier food to their diet and aim for weight loss (the ones who have diabetes), often use Splenda. When you replace sugar by Splenda, you must know the proper conversion, so that you do not end up oversweetening or undersweetening your food or drink. Here is how to substitute Splenda for sugar.



  • Review the recipe of the food or the drink and check the amount of sugar that must be used. Look at the entire list of ingredients which is often listed before the instructions for cooking.


  • The measurement of sugar must be converted to Splenda. Each packet of Splenda is equal to about 2 tsp. of sugar. So, must add Splenda accordingly.


  • First, measure the Splenda as needed for the desired recipe and then use it in place of sugar for adding the appropriate quantity.


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How To Substitute Splenda For Sugar