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Food Meets Fashion In Edible Purses

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Food Meets Fashion In Edible Purses – A very innovative way to combine fashion and the craze of women to keep a control on their diet. Edible purses!!! Hold on – did you think, that now you can have your purse too?


Yes, this is true! This latest innovation comes from VitaSnella brand which has this special snack for you. For those who have not heard about VitaSnella – this is a subset of the famous Dannon with a very healthy and tasty vibe. The ads which are being flashed everywhere are related to the Fruit Cracker line which seems to be related to a fruit filled diet cracker.


It might seem confusing and not much appealing to you instantly, but it is surely worth a try. Women are ( as evident) confused and ready to ask you a thousand questions on the purse – everyone is just amazed and has a desire to try out this amazing diet collection. Edible purses to help you snack are a new concept which is being introduced just for fashion conscious foodie women, who love to keep a strict watch on their calories.


The advertisement can be translated to "The good of fruit, always with you" — get it? Like a purse! Which Fruit Crackers conveniently fit into! Women have already started talking about their favorite fruits in the shape of these bags. So, next time when you get to see a bag made of raspberries, do not be surprises! Edible purses are now in vogue! 


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Food Meets Fashion In Edible Purses