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How To Substitute Sour Cream For Crème Fraiche

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Creme Fraiche is made by souring a heavy cream, so substituting sour cream for Crème Fraiche can be successfully done because the flavors of both are similar. The only difference is in the consistency and tanginess, which is high in Crème Fraiche. Hence substituting sour cream for Creme Fraiche requires slightly different method of preparation and using technique. With us you can learn how to substitute sour cream for Crème Fraiche.


  • Beat equal amounts of whipped cream and sour cream. This mixture is ideal for serving dishes like salads that does not require heating. Mix half cup of each of the above cream to get one cup Crème Fraiche and allow it to stay at room temperature for 8 to 10 hours before using.
  • When Crème Fraiche is used only for drizzling on recipes, mix 1 tablespoon of milk in a cup full of sour cream as a substitute for Crème Fraiche. Blend milk and sour cream thoroughly to achieve a flowing texture.
  • Simply use sour creams in place of Crème Fraiche for your recipe, quantity same as Crème Fraiche. Use it in the same time and way as Crème Fraiche would have been added to the recipe.
  • While substituting sour cream for Crème Fraiche, cook in a low flame because it will be difficult to handle sour cream at high temperatures. So cook in reduced heat and do not let the dish come to a boil.
  • Whisk sour cream and heavy cream, 2 table spoon of former and 2 cups of later cream, keep it in a glass container for upto eight hours or preferably overnight. Refrigerate it for minimum 4 hours and the cream is ready to be used as a substitute for Crème Fraiche.


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How To Substitute Sour Cream For Crème Fraiche