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Frosting skills take the cake

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cakeWhen I talk about pastries and cakes, I can undoubtedly say that frosting skills take the cake. Frosting not seals the moisture of a cake but it also adds an element of flavor and texture. The most important point to remember while frosting a cake , is to ensure that the layers of the cake are cold as well as free of crumbs before you begin to apply the frosting.


  • Cool the layers of a cake in pans on wire rack for about 5 minutes or so.


  • Cover another rack using a towel. Place towel upside down over the top of layer and invert as a unit. You should then remove pan.


  • The original rack must be placed on the bottom of layer. Then turn over both the rack in a way that the layer is right side up.


  • Repeat this action with other layer too. After you are done, you must allow the layers to cool completely.


  • Before you begin with frosting the cake, you must brush off the loose crumbs from sides and edges of cooled layers. The cake must be firmly held with one hand and crumbs must be brushed off with the other.


  • Put one layer, rounded side down, over cake plate and spread about 1/2 cup of frosting within 1/4 inch of the edge.


  • Place second layer, rounded side up, on frosted layer. The side must be coated with very thin layer of frosting in order to seal in crumbs.


  • Swirl more frosting on side , so that you are able to form a 1/4-inch ridge on the top of cake.


  • Spread remaining frosting on the cake top, just meeting the built-up ridge around side. You may either decorate your cake with attractive swirls or leave the top smooth for decorations.


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Frosting Skills Take The Cake