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Which Roots Are Used In Food Seasoning

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Most of the herbs and spices used for seasoning food, are leaves, flowers, stems, barks, seeds and just a few are roots. Seasoning roots are special for its fresh and strong taste. Facts and usages of seasoning roots are common in recipes all over the world.


Ginger is the most widely used seasoning root in the world. It is used in fresh as well as dried powdered form. Ginger’s distinctive taste is used to season bread, chicken and meat. Ginger is a very common spice in Asian cuisine especially in India. It is used in slice, grated or shredded form. In Indian cuisines it is mixed with other spices and formed into a paste. Ginger is added to fresh fruit juices for a refreshing drink. In India, grated ginger is added to brewing tea for treating cold and cough and is popularly known as "adrakh wali chai". Ginger roots rot quickly hence storing in refrigerator is recommended. Dry ginger can be stored for a long time. Ginger is also stored in pickle form or crystallized in sugar and eaten as mouth freshener.


Turmeric belongs to the ginger root family. Similar to ginger, turmeric has a strong taste and deep orange color. India is the largest producer and consumer of turmeric in the world. Turmeric’s bright color is used for seasoning all Indian curries, a key ingredient in pickles and sauces. Mostly used in its powdered form, turmeric can also be used in fresh root form for seasoning salads. Pickled turmeric roots can also be used for seasoning when fresh roots are not available.



Licorice’s is a well known seasoning root used in making candies. Its sweet taste blends with candies while giving a special flavor to it. Additionally, using licorice in seasoning dishes and desserts is a common practice. It is also used for seasoning salads and salad dressings.



Horseradish’s hot flavor makes it an ideal seasoning root for sauces, dips, spreads and mustards. Horseradish is preserved in vinegar after grating or grounding. This root is used for seasoning meat to make it hot and spicy.


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Which Roots Are Used In Food Seasoning