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What Are The Substitutes For Popcorn Salt

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If you are among those people who have been advised the restricted use of salt, you need to know what are the substitutes for popcorn salt! We all need salt for healthy living as well as taste of foods, but there are certain snacks like popcorns and fried chops which have too much salt. Too much salt intake is not good for health and can lead to serious health issues. Here are some alternatives which you can have as an alternative to popcorn salt.


Popcorn salt is a very fine salt which adheres easily to popcorn. This salt sticks to nachos, chips and other different kinds of salty treats. These foods usually have more of daily salt levels of tolerance; hence you need to look for healthy alternatives.


Salt substitutes usually have potassium chloride. There are several companies which make salt substitutes which contain potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride sinch sodium  is not good for health. The taste of these substitute salts are much bitter when you compare them to other regular salts which are available, but you need to remember that these are still healthier than other popcorn salt which is available. These salt substitutes which are manufactured by other companies help to reduce your salt intake from your daily diet. However, it is always recommended to get in touch with your doctor, before you start taking this salt on a regular basis.


Salt substitutes with potassium – These are considered to be a great alternative to popcorn salt. Potassium retention can be really very harmful for the body and can give rise to a number of health problems, especially those related to kidney problems. Salt substitutes are specially developed with general dose of potassium chloride. This should be taken in moderation.


Salt free seasonings – If you are advised restricted use of popcorn salt, it is important that you try having spices and dried herbs which are considered to be a much healthier alternative to any kind of salt. You will realize that salt is normally hidden in many types of foods while some foods will declare themselves to be completely salt free. If you wish to add taste to such foods which are salt free, you can sprinkle in mixtures of spices, dried herbs, vinegar and other seasonings which do not have salt. You must have seen that in several movie theaters you are offers gourmet seasonings which are low sodium foods and taste simply great. To substitute salt, you can add garlic powder, cumin, nutmegs, tarragon, oregano and also tarragon which work as great alternatives. You can keep experimenting with salt free herbs which will not only give you an additional taste but shall also help you to stay healthy.


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What Are The Substitutes For Popcorn Salt