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How To Make A Blue Popcorn Ball

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If you know how to make a blue popcorn ball, you can give a special treat to your kids in the coming festive season. Making blue popcorn ball is a fun project and will not be too difficult to try your hands. Not only kids, popcorn balls are favorites for the adults also. It can serve as a perfect snack item for any of your afternoon gathering. You can even make them ahead and store them in an air tight container, so that you have something to serve to your kids, when they feel like munching on.


Steps for making Blue Popcorn ball

Step 1 – Making the Popcorn

To prepare the popcorn ball, you should start by making the popcorn by yourself. You will require fresh and unsalted popcorn for the recipe. So, you cannot use readymade or spicy popcorn for this project. There are several methods of preparing popcorn at home. You can pop them inside the oven or in your microwave or on a heavy bottom lidded pot. You will require around 8-10 cups of popcorn to prepare a batch of popcorn ball. If you prepare the popcorn in several rounds, then use an air-tight container to store the popcorn for the time being.


Step 2 – Making the Syrup

Next you will be required to prepare the sugar syrup. This sugar syrup will help to stick the popcorn with each other. In addition to this, this syrup will provide the sweet taste of the popcorn balls. So, you have to be little careful while preparing the sugar syrup. The consistency of the sugar syrup is the main thing to look for. If it is too light, the popcorn will not stick together to form the ball and on the other hand, if the syrup gets too thick, then the ball might become too hard to break. So, you should boil the syrup till it reaches a medium level of consistency. For preparing the syrup, you will take a deep and heavy sauce pan to boil 1 cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter and 3 tablespoons of water. To have the right consistency of the syrup, you can also use 1 cup of corn syrup for dissolving ½ cup of sugar by boiling. When the syrup is ready, add few drops of blue food coloring to it. In case you don’t want to use food coloring agent, you can use blue gelatin to dissolve into the sugar syrup. This blue gelatin is normally available as “berry blue” in the grocery stores. 


Step 3 – Making the Popcorn Balls

Wait till the sugar syrup reaches to room temperature and then pour this bluish sugar syrup over the popcorn. Make sure that each of them gets evenly coated with the syrup. The popcorn will get a sticky covering of syrup, which will help in bonding them together to form the ball. Now put a bit of butter in your palms and then form rounded popcorn balls by using a circular motion with both of the palms. You can make your favorite size, big or small; but normally the popcorn balls are made as the size of a tennis ball. Use a parchment paper to put the balls until they are properly formed. If you put them inside refrigerator, they will take much less time to get tightly closed.


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How To Make A Blue Popcorn Ball