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How To Make A Dressing Stick Together

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I always wondered how to make a dressing stick together, until I learnt that the trick is just to prepare its binding well. You might have faced several problems when your dressing did not stick around the meat dish, especially when you are preparing Turkey for thanksgiving. Most often we find that the dressing dries out during the cooking causing it to fall instead of sticking well together.


Dressings normally make use of ingredients which help to lump together, have a moist texture and which can be easily scooped out from a dish, without having to fall apart. You need to make a binding stick together so you need a great binding agent. Here are some tips of making a dressing stick together and enjoy a lovely dish.

You have to prepare the dressing mix as per your recipe. You should remember to add broth as well as gravy to the dressing mix so that the mix is able to get a good shape and is firm enough to be molded and pressed in a ball. If you find that the dressing cannot be molded in a ball, it means, that the dressing is not well mixed.


Eggs are an important part of a dressing mix. You need to beat an egg well for every 4 cubes of bread which you use in the recipe. You should beat the eggs very well and mix in the ingredients. Eggs play a very important role in the binding process. If you are able to beat the eggs well, your binding will surely stay together.


You can spray the baking dish with a cooking oil. You should also heat your oven to a temperature of 350 degree F. This is the main preparation process of your dressing. You need to transfer this dressing mixture which you have previously prepared in the sprayed dish and then slowly spread it out in an oven in an even layer.


You can now pour the remaining gravy and broth over this dressing so that you are able to maintain moistness as the ingredients bake. Once, this is ready you can start the baking process. You should cover the baking dish and bake the ingredients at 350 degree F for around 45 minutes. If you have put a meat thermometer, you can wait for the meat thermometer to record that specific temperature which you desire, as per your recipe.


If you are able to carry out the above process effectively, you can be assured that your dressing is going to stick together and your recipe is going to become perfect as you wish. 


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How To Make A Dressing Stick Together