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How To Decorate An Autumn Cake

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Autumn brings with it a host of beautiful colors, which could act as a great inspiration for fall-themed cakes. The colors of autumn give one plenty of chances to be creative, especially with cakes. From the traditional fall themes of Thanksgiving and Halloween, to the ubiquitous weddings, fall-themed cakes are forever popular. 


Here are some innovative cake ideas that you can try during autumn:


1. Make a cake that looks like a Jack-o-lantern for Halloween. Jack-o-lanterns can be made using two 8-inch round cake pans and a 9-inch pan. Place the 9-inch cake in the center and use chocolate icing to draw on the face. Make a nice, fluffy orange icing and ice the rest of the cake up to the eyes, nose and mouth. Outline the eyes, nose and mouth in yellow. Place a medicine cup on top and cover it in green icing.


2. Try making a turkey-shaped cake during Thanksgiving. Turkeys can be made with three round pans; the first for the body and the other two to cut apart the feathers. Use the rounded side and cut the other side to match. You will get four to six feathers from the two round cakes. Place the main part down on a platter and place the feathers above it on the platter. Ice the main part of the cake chocolate and the feathers different colors. Bulk up the icing where you will outline the head and wings with tubes of decorating icing.


3. Football themed cakes: Autumn signals the return of football season. Football cakes are easy to make and there are many variations. The cake can look like a football, a football field or you can customize the cake for a special team. 


4. Go flowery: Flowers are very common and trendy accessories on cakes for all seasons, so it is easy to choose the autumnal colors of orange, brown, yellow and burgundy. This is especially a good idea for a fall wedding cake. Atumn themed cakes are incomplete without fall leaf decorations.




5. Another good idea for a fall wedding cake is to use a pumpkin patch motif on the top of a wedding cake. Use ivy and multiple-size pumpkins. A miniature gold or silver carriage, squash and corn can be placed near the pumpkin motif for added effect.


6. Sticks and branches: A new trend, not only does a stick and branch decoration adorn normal cakes, but also wedding cakes these days. This stylish design coordinates well with a white square or round multi-tiered cake.


7. The key element of autumn is the colors of the season. The dark reds, bright yellows, and rich browns, are not only a beautiful sight but look absolutely delicious as well. 


8. Fall is about harvest, with fruits in abundance. With that in mind, you may wish to incorporate some of the fruits of the season into your wedding cake.


9. You can also decorate your cake is with the use of fresh flowers. Sunflowers and daisies make a cake look really pretty while roses in different hues of red create an elegant and romantic look.


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How To Decorate An Autumn Cake