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How To Stack Buffet Tables

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Stacking buffet tables  is one of the most convenient options when you are hosting a big party and you have several food items on offer. When you learn how to stack buffet tables, you will understand that you will require some things like dinnerware, a table cloth, some serving utensils and also some dishes in which you shall be serving your guests. There are certain things which you need to purchase for stacking buffet tables like fuel holders, water pans, food pan, cover and also some stacking frames.


Here are some tips which will help you to stack buffet tables.


Start by placing the disposable table cloth over your table so that you can avoid spills on the surface of the table. This shall help you to keep your table cloth clean and the surface shall not look messy also. You need a disposable cloth so that your guests understand that you are maintaining hygiene – or else, there is always a probability that you will re-use the table cloth later on without getting it well cleaned.


You will have to set up the stacking frames neatly from your ensemble. You should be very careful about this when you are stacking the tables. These should be a little away from one another when they are placed on the table. Just check that there is enough space for some dinnerware also in the table. If you find that there is no space for dinnerware in your table, you should set up another table just next to your table.


Pans should be filled up from your ensemble which needs to be filled with at least 2 inches of water. You should light all the fuel holders and place them just under the water pans, just in the middle of the stacking frames. If you have large pans, you should use two fuel holders which shall help the food to get well heated. You can also place a cover over the water pan.


Now, you can slowly transfer all the dishes from the cooking vessels to the food pans. You have to be very careful or you might hurt yourself as the food items will be very hot. When you find that the water pans have been heating for more than 20 minutes, you will know that the pans are now ready to keep the warm at a temperature which is ready to be served.


Last, but not the least, you should place all the food pans very carefully over these heated pans. The dishes need to be arranged in a manner in which you expect your guests to have the food which is placed in them. If you are serving salads and appetizers these need to be served first, the main and side dishes to be served next and the desserts need to be served last. You can cover all the dishes till you are completely ready to serve them. This shall ensure that your dishes are free from dust and debris. 

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How To Stack Buffet Tables