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How To Transfer A Picture On A Cake

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When you have expertise on how to transfer a picture on a cake, you can do wonders to decorate the cakes. Transferring a picture to a cake; is not that easy, as you might think. You need to acquire lot of skill in decorating a cake by transferring a picture. Once you know the process, it will be better to start with an easy and simple picture with 3-4 base colors. As you keep on decorating the cakes, each time you should try with a more complex picture than the previous one. This will build up your skill and at the same time, you will gain much confidence in this task of transferring pictures on the cakes.Drawing the picture over the cake

Step 1
As the first step of this project, you need to select a picture for the cake. If you are trying this for the first time, then I should suggest you to choose a simple picture. This selected picture has to be transferred over a plain paper having the same size of your cake. For transferring the picture to the plain paper you can either draw it by hand or can use a tracing paper to trace the picture out. For a realistic picture, you might take help from computer. In that case, you have to scan the picture first with the help of a scanning machine and then print it into a paper, with the help of Photo editing software. One thing you should be careful about the size of the picture, as exactly this size will get transferred to the cake.

Step 2
The next step could become little time consuming depending on the complexity of the picture. Take a wax paper and place over the picture. Properly secure the ends of the wax paper with paper clip or pin. Now take a corsage pin to create holes around the outlines of the picture. If the picture is too complicated, then you have to be careful in punching the holes, so that the different colored areas do not get mixed up. Also keep at least a ¼ inch gap between two consecutive holes on an outer line. This way, when you have completed with the picture, you can make it out through the perforated outlines of the wax paper.

Step 3
To start working on the next step, you should first ice the top of the cake properly. Let the icing stand for some time, so that it settles down on the cake and does not stick to the finger. When the icing is ready, you can slowly put the perforated wax paper on top of the cake. Secure the ends of the stencil wax paper lightly with pins with the edges of the cake.

Step 4
This step will work with the transferring task on the cake. For this, you will require to use cheese cloth. Use several layers of cheese cloth to put some amount of cocoa powder inside and gather the ends of the cheese cloth to make a sack of cocoa powder. Take this sack and dab lightly on the wax paper, particularly on the holes, so that it can create a rough outline of the picture on the top surface of the cake. When you remove the wax paper, you can see the outlined picture.

Step 5
Now use the smaller tip icing to darken the outlines made with cocoa powder over the cake surface. Next choose icing in different colors according to the colors used in the original picture, to fill the outlined areas over the cake. This step will require lot of patience and concentration, in case the picture is a complicated one.

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How To Transfer A Picture On A Cake