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How To Substitute Rice For Potatoes

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Rice can be subsituted for potatoes in a chicken curry recipeIf you are fond of potatoes but concerned about your increasing waistline also, you need to know how to substitute rice for potatoes. Potatoes are good to eat but they are full of carbohydrates which convert into sugar very quickly. Rice is also full of carbohydrates but it is less harmful than potatoes. So, if you wish to stay healthy and eat healthy you need to immediately start substituting rice for potatoes. Here are some excellent recipes in which you can easily use rice instead of potatoes.

If you wish to have rice, you can choose from different varieties such as basmati rice, brown rice, sushi or the sticky rice and jasmine rice. You wont have much difficulty in finding these varieties of  rice, as these are easily available in most grocery stores which are located near your home. So, lets check out some of the recipes where potatoes can be substituted by rice.

Main course meal – You need to think about the main course food you are preparing and in which you have included potatoes. Without thinking further, you can easily replace mashed potatoes, baked potatoes or fried potatoes with rice. Suppose you have prepared roasted beef – I know it tastes wonderful when served with baked and mashed potatoes but if you think about your health, then replace it with brown rice or steamed rice. If you have made seafood, then steamed rice will just be wonderful with it. You can serve stir fried shrimps with some delicious vegetables, rice and soup – just skip the potatoes..

Steak grilled  - If you love the taste of steak with baked potatoes – try to have hot grilled steak with some long grain basmati rice. Basmati rice has a great nutty flavor which works great in harmony with the strong steak flavor. You might just feel that grilled steak couldn’t have tasted better!

Chicken recipes : Serve rice with all your chicken recipes – you can serve chicken with rice pilaf. In case, you are not sure about rice pilaf you should know that it is rice which is cooked in a delicious vegetable stock along with some onions and other seasonings. Normally foodies love to have fried Rice dumpling makes a perfect snack instead of potatoespotato, baked potato or potato with seasoning in chicken dishes. You can try out having some great curried rice with chicken – in fact you can have any type of rice with your favorite chicken like plain white rice or the very popular Indian jeera rice.

Snacks – We all love potato chips, potato wafers, potato stuffed sandwiches, eggs filled with baked or fried potatoes. Instead of having potato based goodies, you can choose to have sushi rice dumplings which have coconut fillings in them as snacks. You can even choose to have rice filled bacons, bread along with bacon or sausage.

You can also use all leftover rice of the previous day and fry it with some virgin olive oil, along with some vegetables.

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How To Substitute Rice For Potatoes