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How to Color a Coconut for Decorating Cakes

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 Coconuts add texture to the cake and when you put colored coconuts on your cake, the effect becomes all the more beautiful. Plus, coloring a coconut is super easy. Today I will teach you how to color a coconut for decorating cakes. Just follow my easy and simple steps on how to color a coconut for decorating cakes and you will end up creating a truly attractive cake for your special occasion. So, here we go…



Things you need

For coloring a coconut, you need food coloring, zippered bag and shredded coconut. Shredded coconut is commonly used for creating grass or fur for cake decorating purposes.


Instructions on how to color a coconut

Step 1: Place the amount of coconut you need in a plastic zippered bag. Also, save some coconut in case you need to lighten the shade of colored coconuts.

Step 2: Now, add some drops of the edible coloring to the coconut shreds in the zippered bag. Then, seal the bag. Next, shake the bag well to ensure that the coloring spreads evenly and all the shreds of coconut inside the bag are colored. If you do not have a Ziploc bag, wear hand gloves and color the coconut in a mixing bowl by tossing the mixture constantly.

Step 3: After you see the coconut is colored, you can add few more drops of coloring if you need a darker shade. However, if you feel the color of the coconut needs to be lightened, simply add more coconut till the desired color is achieved. Shake the bag well to color the coconut shreds evenly.


Caution: I would not recommend you to use gel food color for coloring the coconut. This is because; gel coloring doesn’t spread evenly on coconut.

Happy Cake Decorating!


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How To Color A Coconut For Decorating Cakes