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How to sculpt rice crispy treats in cake decorating

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Christmas is rounding the corner and you want to prepare a special Christmas cake this time. May be you would like to learn how to sculpt rice treats in cake decorating. Rice crispies make wholesome and tasty treats. The concept of sculpting rice crispy treats came in the late 1930s. But back then, people didn’t experiment much with its decoration. These days, pastry chefs are using rise crispy treats in cake decorating too and that’s what has let loose the latest

The art of sculpting rice crispy treats

Usually, chefs use cookie cutter to sculpt out rice crispies into different shapes. If it’s for the Christmas season, you can shape your rise crispy treats into Christmas tree, holiday lights, jingle bells and even the Santa Claus. Diamonds, squares and stars also quite a favorite for the Christmas cake decoration and they are definitely easier to sculpt out.


The best time for sculpting rice crispy treats in cake decorating is when they are still warm. If you wish, you can coat them lightly with butter so the sculpting comes out smooth. Once, you are done with the sculpting, refrigerate the crispies to harden up. Moreover, you can also use fondants, icing sugar, or chocolates for modeling your rice crispy treat.

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How To Sculpt Rice Crispy Treats In Cake Decorating