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How To Make A Dog Bone Cake

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Many of us prefer to buy ready-made dog bone cake from various cake decorating shops due to the difficulty or laziness in searching for the exact information on how to make a dog bone cake. So, I thought of sharing you the right knowledge on how to make a dog bone cake at home. Please keep in mind that the below recipe make use of 2 boxes of cake mix and will be able to satisfy a considerable appetite of around twenty four people. The cake mix we are going to prepare consists of a high concentration of sugar and hence is exclusively meant for humans!How to make Dog Bone Cake

Please understand the following step by step instructions first and then you can start with your wonderful cake work.

1. The first thing to do is to keep 4 six-inches round pans and 1 eight-inch square pan ready with you. Next, take out the 2 boxes of prepared cake mix and fill the five pans with them. After reading and understanding the instructions on the cake mix box, the cakes should be baked.

2. Once the cakes are baked, you must allow it to cool down by keeping it undisturbed for some period of time. In order to form and arrange the dog bone cake, first place the cakes on a large serving platter. The cakes should be place in such a way that the square cake comes in the center and the 2 round shaped cakes on its either side. Feel free to make adjustments in the positions until you feel it like a dog bone cake.

3. The next step is to frost your dog bone cake. The frosted cake will appear to be a single solid cake rather than group of five cakes.

4. You can enhance your dog bone cake with candies or by extra frosting.                                         (Image

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How To Make A Dog Bone Cake