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Romantic Cupcake Decorating Ideas

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Are you in search of some romantic cupcake decorating ideas? Then probably we can help you out.

Romantic cupcakes would make up for a perfect treat. A cupcake with pink frosting and a few heart shaped candies on the top is a quick romantic cupcake decoration idea. But it is not necessary to bake and frost romantic cupcakes in pink or red always. Instead the best idea would be to choose frosting flavors that suit the recipient’s choice. 


Box of Chocolate Cupcakes

box of chocolate cupcakesAssemble chocolate cupcakes in a beautiful heart shaped box or any other simple box. Bake about 14-16 mini chocolate cupcakes and cover them with delicious chocolate frosting. Top each cupcake with a unique candy and arrange them carefully in the box. You may use hearts covered in red foil, marshmallow hearts, truffle and create some eye catching patterns. An amazing romantic cupcake is ready. 


Rose Petal Cupcakes

If you want to keep your cupcake simple yet elegant, decorate the frosted cupcake with sweetened rose petals. Just take some rose petals and brush them with corn syrup. Now, toss these petals in white sugar and spread them on the cupcakes. You may also choose to purchase edible rose petals from a florist. 


Conversation Heart CupcakesConversational Heart Cupcakes

Recreate love! Bake cupcakes in any flavor. Once they are cool, frost them with multi colored frosting. Use red icing to write phrases such as “love” or “be mine” on the top of the frosted cupcakes. You may also use heart shaped cookies for decorating the frosted cupcakes.


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Romantic Cupcake Decorating Ideas