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How to Decorate Wedding Cookies

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decorating wedding cookies

Wedding cookies are highly in vogue these days, as more and more people are opting for these wedding cookies along with the cake for the reception. So, I am going to share some tips on how to decorate wedding cookies. Wedding comes with celebration and partying around with friends and family. After spending days and nights thinking about the wedding cake, we usually end up having the regular or classic designs for the wedding cake. But, now there is something as interesting as wedding cookies for your wedding reception. So, we bring to you some cool tips on how to decorate wedding cookies:

1. Icing is the coolest idea of decorating wedding cookies. You can make thick line of frosting and fill it up with colored icings matching the theme.  The icings should be left for drying for at least three hours.  Tweezers can be used to make the outlining process easy. 

2. The fine outline can be filled with another color of icing in order to give it some more detail. You can also make some pretty rosettes or bows or hearts on the sides of the cookies. Further, to give the cookies more authentic look, you can even make some nice wedding bells on the top of the cookies. 

3. You can use some Draggee beads to decorate the wedding cookies. Draggee beads are the metallic sugar beads and are available in various sizes. Finally, just add some nice highlighting shine on the flowers or bows or wedding bells and the delicious wedding cookies are all set to be served. 

Moreover, always try making these wedding cookies at home first and then make them for the big day. So, as you all now know how to decorate wedding cookies, just try them and surprise everyone at the wedding. 

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How To Decorate Wedding Cookies