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Cake Decorating Ideas for a 40th Birthday

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cake decoration for 40th birthdayIf you are planning to celebrate the 40th birthday of someone very close and looking for a nice birthday cake idea, then you are at the right place. I am going to share some cool and interesting Cake Decorating Ideas for a 40th Birthday. This is the time when a person happily goes “over the hill” and is in a perfect mood to party hard. To celebrate this exciting moment, you need to have a special cake just for her or him. So, here are some cool cake ideas.

Number Cake 

This is a fun option if you can work very well with shaping and cutting the flat cakes. For an intermediate decorator like me, number cake is a cool and most reliable option.  You can carve out big size 4 and 0 on the flat cake. If you don’t think that you would be able to carve smoothly, then you can even trace the numbers through parchment paper.  

Photo Reproduction Cake

One of the most “in fashion” cake styles, now-a-days, are these photo reproduction cake. All you need to prepare a photo reproduction cake is a favorite snap of the recipient. You can also stick to some family pictures spouse or kids. However, you have to call the bakery to get this nice job done. 

Over The Hill Cake

The 40th birthday is out and out fun time, so to make the occasion more funny try to poke your friend about his or her age with an over the hill cake. Make use some coupler, pastry bag, and small round tip pipe and add a nice funny message on the cake. 

All these Cake Decorating Ideas for a 40th Birthday are just some ideas. You can always play around with your creativity and make this special day more special.

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Cake Decorating Ideas For A 40th Birthday