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Cake Decoration Ideas for a 95th Birthday

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95 birthday cake       One of the biggest landmarks in any person’s life is celebrating his or her 95th birthday. The best possible way to celebrate this platinum moment is nothing else but to spend it with family and enjoy some nice food. The planning usually starts from the cake, which should be always based on a theme. Here are some interesting and cool cake decoration ideas for a 95th Birthday celebration.  


1. It might sound exiting to light up 95 candles, but I would suggest you not to go for this option as it might be unsafe. To match up the excitement of 95 candles, you can go for a 9 and 5 shaped candle. You can also select the four digits of the year of birth to be a little different and interesting. Minimum candles will also make the blowing part very easy. 

cake decoration for 95 birthday

2. As we all know a 95 year old person should not indulge in too much fat, calorie and sugar. Keeping this fact in mind, you can also choose a fresh fruit cake for the elderly person. A plain cake with lots of fresh fruits as toppings is well to serve for the 95th birthday party. Moreover, you can always cover up the top using fresh whipped cream. 


3. Customized or personalized theme cakes can go really well in the 95th birthday party. You can also make a cake according to the interest, and hobbies of the recipient. 


I hope these ideas will help you to arrange a good cake decoration idea for that rare special person.  If you use your imagination and creativity then decorating a 95th birthday cake would become an interesting task. 

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Cake Decoration Ideas For A 95th Birthday