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Serve Veggies In Ramekins

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Do you ever serve vegetable side dishes in your little sturdy ceramic ramekins?! Its the only way we function in the Porter household with four busy boys. Easy, easy, easy!!! Everyone has their perfect portion and each of the kids feels like its a special treat (since its not just another scoop of something on their plate). In the morning, we serve fresh fruit salad the same way. I actually think it tastes sweeter when you get to eat out of a petite little ramekin! No fuss. Easy to serve special treat for everyone. And why not?!!! Don't you want to live life as beautifully as you can..(I sure do)?! Sometimes its the simple little things that make the experience more delicious! Kisses, T. Tracy Porter Dream delicious!

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Tracy Porter Entertaining Video - Veggies In Ramekins
Do you ever served vegetables in ramekins? Serving vegetables and fruits in ramekins make it special treat for everyone. In this video, Tracy Porter is sharing some of great ideas for serving vegetables and fruits in ramekins.

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Serve Veggies In Ramekins Video, Tracy Porter Entertaining Video - Veggies In Ramekins