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The Bagel Baker: Fairway's How to Bake a Bagel

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There is nothing better than a hot bagel. We sell more bagels than any store in New York, 60,000 a week, so we understand the importance of putting out a high-quality product. We produce ours from scratch and bake them in the stores, under the careful watch of Angelo Villareale, our head baker. He has helped make our bagels a staple for breakfast all over the city. Helping Angelo along the way is our CEO Howie Glickberg, the number one proponent of quality control. If he is not happy with our bagels on any given day, Angelo is not happy shortly thereafter. What is my favorite bagel? Try Fairway Market’s whole wheat with our fresh cream cheese. It is how I begin every Sunday morning.

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The Bagel Baker: Fairway's How To Bake A Bagel Video