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How To Soften Cold Butter

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Melted butter

Fall season means the slab of butter goes hard and is difficult to maneuver easily. You will find it impossible to even spread it on the toast. However, while cooking the Fall delights, butter is one of the most important ingredients. So, what to do? Well, you need to melt the butter but not the way it is done in the households usually. For all your baking needs, here is how you can melt butter safely -


1. Put the slab of butter between two wax paper sheets and use a rolling pin to soften the butter gradually.

2. Cut the butter slab into smaller pieces, which soften more quickly.

3. Take it out of refrigerator and grate it. The grated butter will soften quicker and you don't even have to wait for long.

4. This last one may draw many eyebrows but when you are in a hurry for melted butter, you just have to use the idea. A website says that putting the stick of butter in a Ziploc bag and put that bag between your cleavage. Don't shoot us, it is just an idea!


So, these are a few methods that will melt your butter quickly so that you can use it to make all the winter goodies.


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How To Soften Cold Butter