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Building a Better Wegmans Cheesecake

Wegmans is always looking for ways to do things better. After feedback from dozens of surveys, we developed a new formula for our cheesecakes. A big change was adding real heavy cream, which gives them an irresistibly rich flavor. It took several months to get the recipe just right, as well as some new equipment, but this spring we finally started testing out the cheesecakes. It's been full steam ahead ever since!

Wegman’s bakery artisans John and engineering manager Mike, takes us on a tour of the new cheesecake assembly line at Wegman’s central bakeshop. Watch the video and know how cheesecake is made commercially. Engineering students from Rochester Institute of Technology, helped to automate the process. So continuous improvement and safety is the way of life here. John also shares the new flavors of their upcoming cheesecakes.

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Building A Better Wegmans Cheesecake Video