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Todd Wilbur on Candy Unwrapped - Part 1

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This is from the Food Network special that aired several times on the channel before eventually morphing into the series "Unwrapped."

Have a craving for rich coated caramel chocolates, but hate spending money in purchasing them or not sure about what exactly goes in them, be informed that your not alone. Todd Wilbur, well-known foodie hacker of branded dishes has come to your rescue in this one. Watch this video and see what inspired Todd Wilbur to take up this impossible task of hacking foodie ingredients and moreover, you can also learn how to make that perfect Baby Ruth candy bar in your own kitchen! So what are you waiting for, grab your chocolate chips and caramel candies and start whipping! This is video is in 2 parts. This is part 1. Watch out for Todd Wilbur on Candy Unwrapped - Part 2 for another great chocolate recipe!

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Todd Wilbur On Candy Unwrapped - Part 1 Video