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Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Tips - Brining Part 2 of 2

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Turkey Brining is a way to add moistness and flavor without a lot of extra butter, shortening or anything that you shouldn't be eating. It also helps to create a crispy skin.
David Widaski, Atlanta area butcher from the Douglasville Retail Meat and Smokehouse discusses some of the common seasoning mixtures that can be added to the brine. Check out part 1 to learn more about a standard brine mixture.

This part 2 of the series, is a great video to learn the method of brining that can be done to your turkey without adding a lot of butter and other ingredients. This process makes the meat succulent, moist and juicy from the inside while the outsides of the turkey are crispy. This video also gives you tips on how you can add some common ingredients to the turkey that will give it a natural flavor without much effort.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Tips - Brining Part 2 Of 2 Video