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Using Leftovers Pasta Bakes

How annoying is it when you have some of a leftover dish in the fridge but not quite enough for the number of people you have to feed?

If the leftover is a soup, stew, casserole or similar one pot style dish, making a pasta bake out of it, will make it go further and ensure there is no wastage of food. Just cook some short pasta to al dente, then drain, like farfalle or penne, make a medium béchamel sauce, heat the leftovers and combine all three together mixing well. Now place the mixture in a casserole dish and top with fresh breadcrumbs and grated tasty cheese. Bake in moderate oven till the topping browns, and serve with salad. A great way to use up leftovers.

Using left over pasta bakes can be a great idea for a no sweat and no fret lunch or dinner the next day. The video teaches you how to use the left over pasta and add fresh ingredients, to make a dish that would be be precise in quantity and more importantly, taste. Watch the video and get nifty with left overs.

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Using Leftovers Pasta Bakes Video