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Grow your best tomatoes ever

Cultivate your green thumb quickly by listening to the experts.

For example, Jeff Howe, president of Fernlea Flowers Ltd., knows a thing or two about growing the best tomatoes.

“I know gardeners are eager to get the season started,” he says, “but the key to a bountiful tomato harvest is planting after the threat of frost has passed.” When planning for your tomatoes, Howe suggests the following tips for best results:

1. Choose an area that gets full sun.

2. Space tomato plants 47”-70” (1.2 - 1.8m) apart.

3. Stake plants for support as they can grow 47”-70” (1.2-1.8m) in height.

4. Soil must drain well and be moist. Use compost for great results.

5. Plant tomatoes deep into the ground. The deeper the root, the stronger they grow.

Adds Howe: “In a vegetable garden, did you know that tomatoes will thrive if grown near herbs like chives and parsley? But, equally important you should avoid planting them near cabbages or any of the potato family.”

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Grow Your Best Tomatoes Ever