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How To Seed Avocado

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how to seed avocadoThe seed within  avocado often leave people in a difficult situation especially when they need to cut it. However, seeding the fruit is not a difficult task at all if the right technique is followed. Read on to learn how to remove the seed easily at home…




Steps to Seed Avocado with Ease

  1. The avocado seed can be removed with ease if the fruit is ripe.                                                                                              seeded avocados
  2. Let avocados ripen for about a week before you decide to seed it.
  3. Using a sharp knife, cut the fruit lengthwise around the pit and seed.
  4. Gently twist the halves in opposite directions.
  5. The top half can be removed and kept aside.
  6. Insert a spoon, below the seed and remove it.
  7. Use avocado as desired.





Watch the video for more tips on getting the seed out of an avocado:


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Tips for Seeding Avocado                                                                    

  • Use a sharp knife to avoid making a mess.
  • Avocado flesh is very soft and hence be very gentle while removing the seed.
  • Make sure that avocados are ripe, raw ones are quite tough and may not give in as easily.


Seed avocados without any hassle by making use of the above mentioned tips and include this very nutritious fruit in your daily diet.


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How To Seed Avocado