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How To Puree Watermelon

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how to puree watermelonWatermelon puree is a delicious and nutritious addition to your weight loss diet. Watermelon can be blended easily into a bright colored, sweet, drink that can quench your thirst as well as supply your body with vital minerals. The refreshing taste of watermelon puree can be enjoyed in combination of other purees to like lemons, oranges etc. Read on to learn how to puree watermelon at home…



















Principle behind Watermelon Puree                                    


Ripe, red colored watermelon flesh can be eaten raw. They have high water content and hence puree easily.


Steps to Puree Watermelon

how to puree watermelon


  1. Buy fresh watermelon from the market. Make sure the skin is not damaged and does not have any bruises.                                     
  2. Wash the watermelon well and then cut along the dark lines to easily remove the seeds.
  3. Slice the red flesh off the white and green peel.
  4. Cut watermelon flesh into chunks and toss into the to puree watermelon.
  5. Process for about 5 minutes into a red puree.
  6. If puree is thick a little bit of water can be added to adjust consistency. This step is optional.



Watch the video for more information on how to puree watermelon and use it in various recipes.


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Watermelon puree can be made in a jiffy. Just add a dash of lemon and store in the refrigerator. Add water and some ice to the puree after a long day at work and enjoy the drink!


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How To Puree Watermelon