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How To Puree Zucchini

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how to puree zucchini

Puree zucchini and make zucchini soups and dips in a jiffy. Pureed zucchini can be stored in the refrigerator and added to recipes instead of zucchini. The vegetable usually purees into a runny consistency and hence while using it as baby food; it can be mixed with other pureed fruits and vegetables. Let us see how to puree zucchini to make delicious and refreshing recipes.


Principle behind Zucchini Puree

Zucchini contains high water content and hence it can be easily blended into a puree once cooked. There is no need to peel it either since zucchini has very thin skin and this easily blends in with the puree.

Steps to Puree Zucchini

  1. Buy fresh zucchini. Wash them well.                                                                                                                                                     how to puree zucchini
  2. Trim the ends and cut zucchini into rings of half-inch thickness. The rings can be further cut into smaller pieces.
  3. Cooking method:

    1. Steaming - Put the zucchini pieces in a vegetable steamer basket and put this over a pot of boiling water. Cover and let steam cook for about 6 to 8 minutes.
    2. Microwaving – Put zucchini pieces into a microwavable bowl and cook on high for about 6 minutes.
  4. Once cooked, transfer zucchini into a food processor and process to a smooth paste.


Watch the video for more information on how to puree zucchini:

Learn to puree zucchini and enjoy this tender tasting vegetable in a totally new avatar. Season it as desired and serve it as a side dish for dinner.


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How To Puree Zucchini