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How To Puree Broccoli

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how to puree broccoliBroccoli puree, though packed with nutrients and a great baby food, it is rarely available in stores. This only makes pureeing broccoli at home the easiest way to introduce the veggie in a baby's diet. Don't worry if there is some extra left, since this can be made into delicious broccoli soup too. Make broccoli puree and store it in the refrigerator for a readymade meal for the entire family. Read on for detailed instructions on how to puree broccoli at home with ease…



Principle behind Broccoli Puree

Broccoli has to be cooked prior to pureeing. Cooking will soften the broccoli florets and the stem and make the blending easy, to give a puree with smooth consistency.


Steps to Puree Broccoli

  1. Remove the leaves and cut the base of the stem.                                                                                                                                   how to puree broccoli
  2. Cut broccoli and separate the florets.
  3. Wash florets well and dry on kitchen towels.
  4. Cut florets into smaller pieces.
  5. Cooking method:

    1. Boiling – Put the broccoli pieces into a pot of boiling water. Let simmer for about 20 minutes until broccoli softens.
    2. Steaming – Put broccoli pieces in a vegetable steamer and place this over a pot of boiling water. Cover and let steam cook for about 15 minutes until tender.
    3. Microwaving – Take a microwavable bowl and put the broccoli in it. Cook on high for about 10 minutes until tender.
  6. Once done, transfer broccoli into blender or food processor and blend into a smooth paste.
  7. Add water to adjust consistency.



Watch the video and see how to puree broccoli and also make broccoli soup:


Learn how to puree broccoli easily and in addition to having baby food ready all the time, try out interesting recipes with the same.

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How To Puree Broccoli