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Tips To Cook Frozen Shrimp

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Cooked Prawns — Prawn Pan FryShrimps can be the highlight of any dinner feast, but then it does take some time, planning, and effort to thaw a frozen one. Fresh shrimps taste awesome, but are hard to find because of their unavailability everytime and everywhere. In that case, frozen shrimps stands out as the next best option. The shrimps sold in the supermarket are usually found in frozen form. Hence, you need to dethaw it completely before cooking. We bring you some easy tips to cook frozen shrimp. Try these simple ways to dethaw your frozen shrimps before cooking.

How To Cook Frozen Shrimp

  • The most standard way to cook frozen shrimp is to grill, broil, sear, or boil it. Whether opting for pre-cooked frozen shrimp or raw ones, remember it is important to thaw the fish thoroughly before consuming or cooking.
  • One of the best ways to thaw cooked or fresh frozen shrimps is to put them in a colander and refrigerate for 12 hours. Once thawed, remove the shrimps from the refrigerator and rinse them well under tap water for about half a minute. Drain out the excess water.
  • When in a rush, simply dunk the frozen shrimps in a bowl full of cold water and leave it undisturbed for about half and hour. Once thawed, remove the shrimps from the water, pat it dry with a paper towel, and your shrimps are ready to be cooked.
  • To get the maximum flavor and taste out of shrimps, cook them immediately after thawing. Thawed shrimps would last you up to 48 hours if properly stored. Although it is best recommended to consume shrimps soon after thawing, you can consume them for up to 3-5 days of storing.

Never refreeze thawed shrimps as doing so can make the shrimps tough and tasteless.


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Tips To Cook Frozen Shrimp