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Tips To Cook Frozen Meat

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Frozen Meat — Cooked MeatHow many of us usually make effort to thaw frozen meat properly before cooking? Defrosting meat is very important before cooking and doing it in the right way is even more necessary. While there are plenty of ways in which you can thaw meat before cooking, certain ways are considered safer and better than others. Scroll down the tips to cook frozen meat to know how to go about the entire deal.



How To Cook Frozen Meat

  • Refrigerator method is probably the safest one when it comes to thawing any kind of meat. The only downside of this method is that it takes long hours for the meat to be completely defrosted. For instance, a packet of ground beef might take upto a day to defrost, while large cuts of turkey might take even weeks to thaw. However, the best thing about this method is that it defrosts the meat in cold temperature, thereby restricting the growth of any bacteria on the surface.
  • If you need to thaw frozen meat in a shorter time, then cold-water bath is your next safe bet. Just ensure that the meat is wrapped in its original packaging or covered in a plastic before dunking the meat in cold water. Direct exposure to water can ruin its flavor. Put the frozen meat in the vat filled with cold water and keep on repositioning the packet from time to time to ensure even thawing. Keep the meat in the cold water until it is completely thawed.
  • You can also microwave frozen meat to defrost it. The defrost setting however, varies from microwave to microwave. While thawing meat in the microwave, take care not to partially cook the meat in the process. If you can ground the meat, then collect the defrosted portions in a separate bowl and refrigerate it until further use to prevent bacteria from breeding. If you cannot ground it, then make sure you cook the meat almost immediately after thawing it.


Next time when using frozen meat, use any of the above methods to thaw it thoroughly and hygienically.


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Tips To Cook Frozen Meat