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Tips To Cook Frozen Beef

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Cooked Beef — Beef CurryYou can always cook a frozen beef directly, although that isn’t always recommended. Freezing converts the natural juices of meat into ice crystals, which eventually is drained out along with the fat while cooking. To avoid that, you can always thaw the meat well in advance ensure that much of the natural juices of beef is retained. We bring you a whole slew of tips to cook frozen beef so that you can get the most out of your meat.



How To Cook Frozen Beef

  • One of the best ways to thaw frozen beef is by refrigerating it. Never ever try and thaw frozen beef at room temperature, as that makes the meat more susceptible to bacterial growth. The best way to defrost beef is to remove it from the freezer, put it in the refrigerator, and allow it to thaw gradually. A big chunk of beef might take around couple of days to defrost.
  • If you cannot really wait that long for beef to thaw, you can try defrosting using the microwave. Just set proper defrost setting, put the beef in and wait until it is completely thawed. However, the biggest flipside of this method is that microwave does not help to thaw the meat evenly. What is worse is that, the partially thawed areas might develop harmful bacteria than other areas of the meat. The best way to go about it would be to cut the beef into smaller chunks. Also, beef chunks should be immediately cooked after being thawed in the microwave.


Tips To Remember When Cooking Beef

  • Beef that is partially thawed should not be cooked, as the chances of the meat being undercooked are always higher.
  • When thawing beef, make sure to cut pieces for stew or kabobs before they are completely defrosted. After cutting, you can refrigerate the meat until it is completely defrosted.
  • Place fresh raw beef in the freezer for a few minutes before cutting it. Freezing the meat in advance helps to firm it up thereby making it easy for you to cut and mince it according to your fancy.


Hope that these tips to cook frozen beef will help you thaw the meat easily and make your cooking experience all the more fun and easy.


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Tips To Cook Frozen Beef