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Tips To Cook Frozen Lobster

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Frozen Lobsters — Uncooked LobstersNothing really beats the fresh flavor and juicy succulence of a live lobster, bought straight out of a tank and cooked at home. However, fresh lobsters are not easy to find and can cost you a bomb. In that case, frozen lobsters tot up as an inexpensive and easy option for you. Agreed, frozen lobsters are tougher than the fresh ones, but could taste great if thawed and cooked correctly. Explore these tips to cook frozen lobster and enjoy a dainty delicacy at home.


 How to Cook Frozen Lobster

  • Whether you want to eat your lobster grilled, baked, boiled, or steamed, it is important to thaw it thoroughly before preparing. Remove the frozen lobster from the freezer and let it thaw in the refrigerator for 20-24 hours before using it. Using unthawed lobster while cooking would result in tough, chewy flesh. The best way to thaw lobster would be to dunk it in a plastic bag filled with cold water and keep it in the refrigerator to defrost.
  • Microwaving the lobster to thaw it is never a wise option since there are chances of the flesh being partially thawed. Another flipside of this process is that you will need to cook the lobsters immediately after thawing it.
  • Once thawed, you can steam cook the lobster first before mounding it inside a bun or adding it to gravy. If you are cooking lobster tails, you might need to attach a wooden skewer to it first to save it from curling while cooking.
  • Add 5-6 cups of water in a steaming pot and bring it to boil. Place the lobster on top of the steam colander and cover it with a lid. As it steams, the lobster will turn red and the flesh would become white. Steam the lobsters for around 15 minutes or until completely done.
  • Once done, remove the colander from the stove and run cold tap water over the cooked lobsters. This will put a stop to the cooking process and help you to rinse the fish for one last time before cooking.
  • Lightly dress the flesh with herbs, and sandwich it between buttered split hot buns or grill it and serve it with mustard sauce. No matter which way you choose to relish your lobster, make sure you dethaw it and cook it well before using it.


Tips On Cooking Lobsters

  • Female lobsters are apparently the juiciest and best of the lot.
  • When buying frozen lobster, go for the ones that have clear white meat and no odor.
  • Frozen lobsters should be kept hard-frozen until you thaw it for cooking.


These tips to cook frozen lobsters will make cooking a breeze for you. Just follow the instructions and add your own culinary ingenuity to prepare an awesome lobster dish.


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Tips To Cook Frozen Lobster