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Popular Sauces For Tempura

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Know about different tempura saucesFond of Tempura, but do not know which sauces will be perfect for the dish? Fret not for this blog will tell you everything about the sauces for Tempura...

Tempura sauces can be prepared at home, if you know about the right ingredients which can be used in the preparation, such as soy sauce, raspberries and others. Here are a few Tempura sauces which you can serve your guests.


Tentsuyu sauce:


This is a special sauce which can be prepared with suyu sauce, dashi or fish stock, soy sauce and also mirin. The ingredients are sometimes not easily available, so you might not always be able to prepare this sauce at home. In such a case, you can get it from your online store very easily


Coconut green sauce:


An easy to prepare sauce, coconut green sauce is made using heavy cream, green tea bags, coconut sorbet, fresh raspberries used for garnishing and also fresh mint leaves. Fresh raspberries help to enhance the taste of this sauce – though these are not absolutely necessary for preparing thisGreen coconut sauce perfect for sandwiches sauce. Fresh mint sprigs are also added for garnishing purpose.


Chipotle Dipping Sauce:


This makes an exciting dipping sauce prepared with garlic cloves which are minced and chopped in a food processor before using them. Sour cream is also added to make a smooth sauce like consistency, along with vegetable oil. A little bit of vegetable oil can also be added on a pan, to make it a little warm, which shall help in the preparation of the batter. Ice cold water, eggs, little bit of flour are all mixed together to get a better consistency for the sauce. If you wish to make it a little bit richer, you can add some more shrimps and toss to help the flavor mingle into the sauce.


Soy sake dipping sauce:


This interesting dipping sauce is prepared with a cup of soy sauce, cup sake, hot chili sauce, chopped fresh ginger and little bit of cilantro leaves.

So, try out any of these popular sauces for sandwich and introduce a new delight for your friends and family.

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Popular Sauces For Tempura