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How To Dry Fruits

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Dried FruitsHow to dry fruits is a question that plagues us all especially when we find the huge amount of seasonal fruits being wasted due to lack of proper storage. The properties of different fruits differ considerably and you would do well to learn about the most effective method of drying them.  But apart from the distinct characteristics the fruits do share a lot of things in common. Read on to find out more about the best way that you can employ for drying fruits.


How to Dry Fruits

  1. Drying involves dehydration of products and fruits are no exception either. Check the step-by-step process given below and try it out yourself.

  2. Start with the freshest quality of fruits that you can get in the market. Over-ripe or bruised fruits might not give you the proper results.

  3. Clean the fruits thoroughly taking care to slice them evenly. Hulling and de-seeding the fruits according to necessity is a good idea too.

  4. Soft fruits, prone to oxidation, need to be treated with lemon juice or vinegar to prevent discoloration.

  5. Place the fruits into dehydrator trays, taking care to leave adequate space between each slice to facilitate even drying.

  6. Turn on the de-hydrator and wait for 8 to 12 hours depending on the kind of fruit you are drying.

  7. Keep checking the slices for signs of moisture as the drying cycle nears its end.

  8. Spread out the fruit slices and allow them to cool for an hour or so.

  9. Loosely pack them in jars and keep shaking them vigorously every day for about a week until the residual moisture is absorbed completely.

  10. Take out your air tight containers or freezer bags and pack the fruits tightly within them, remembering to store a single type of fruit in each container.

  11. Keep them in a cool and dry place until required.


Handy Tips

  1. Dry the fruits when they are absolutely fresh and do not ever mix the fresh and semi-dried produces together.

  2. Cut the fruit slices uniformly so that they dry at the same time.

  3. Read the instructions on your dehydrator manual carefully before you even try to dry them.

  4. It will be a good idea to purchase ascorbic acid in the powder or tablet form so that the fruits can retain their original color.


You may feel a little apprehensive while attempting to dehydrate the fruits, the first time round. However, you will be surprised to find yourself mastering the process before too long and training your friends on how to dry fruits.  


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How To Dry Fruits