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How To Dry Chili

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Dried ChiliesHow to dry chili is a question that might leave you perplexed. After all, you do have a surplus of chilies growing in your kitchen garden but cannot really hope to utilize them all within a short period. On the other hand, you have to depend on your local grocer or supermarket and buy these tiny hot and tangy vegetables when you are keen on cooking Mexican dishes or hope to turn out a fiery, red-hot curry. Don't worry! All you have to do is read on and you will soon have mastered the process.


How To Dry Chili

  • The first precaution that you must take is to invest in a sturdy pair of gloves. Wear them covering your hands properly as you need to handle the chilies which can make your hands burn unbearably too.

  • Wash the chili peppers under running water and pat them dry with the aid of paper towels.

  • Slice each chili longitudinally and remove the seeds from them. You can dry the seeds separately too.

  • Take an old sheet of cloth or any drying sheet that you have handy and place the chilies out evenly on it.

  • Place the sheet in sunlight for the entire length of day allowing them to dry naturally. You can try to dry them by placing within a hot oven a minute or two if the weather betrays you.

  • Keep the chilies covered overnight ad remove it once again I the morning, allowing the chilies to dry in the sun for a second time. Continue with the process for three or four days.

  • The next part happens to be a little tricky but quite effective. String the peppers on a wire and allow them to air indoors in a place that is free of damp and moisture and has enough air circulating around. The entire procedure will take three to four weeks and you will be assured of a ready supply of chili peppers whenever required.

  • Store them in airtight containers and place them in a cool and dry place which will allow them to keep for months.


You are free to use oven or dehydrator if so inclined. But why don’t you try to learn how to dry chili inexpensively making use of natural resources? You will also be doing your bit for the environment in the process. So go ahead and take the first step. All the Best!


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How To Dry Chili