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Popular Sauces for Hot Wings

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Delicious creamy sauce Hot wings can be served either dipped in sauce or with a tasty dipping which makes it even more sumptuous.  Typical sauces for hot wings are spicy but with a little patience, concentration and innovation you can prepare a variety of sauces that can be served with different preparation of hot wings. Here are some sauces that you can try out at home in minutes and win.


Creamy Cool Dipping Sauce:

A perfect blend of garlic, onion, olive oil, barbecue sauce and hot pepper sauce gives this typical hot wing sauce a spicy taste. You can prepare it in minutes at home and dip fried hot chicken wings into it before you serve hot. The aroma of the sauce makes it tempting and irresistible.


Hot Wings Sauce:

A delicious sauce prepared from butter, Louisiana style hot sauce, white vinegar, cayenne, black pepper and garlic. This classic modern version of sauce takes only 10 minutes to prepare, if you have kept all the ingredients handy. You can always surprise your guests and family by preparing this rich and tasty sauce and serve it with completely cooked hot chicken wings.


Hot Wings with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce:

Sour cream, heavy cream, blue cheese, hot red pepper sauce and Worcestershire are blended together making it one of the best sauces for hot wings. You can either dip fried hot wings in the sauce or you can also serve the dip in a decorative bowl.


It is a simple and easy sauce where cream cheese, pepper sauce, salad dressing, cooked chicken and cheddar cheese are mixed and baked together, making it an addictive dish. This tasty sauce contains 240 calories per serving. The dip takes 40 minutes to prepare but its lip smacking taste will surely bring cheer to the table when served.


Monday Night Hot Wing Dip:

You can prepare the dip in minutes at home and serve it with hot pieces of chicken wings or Buffalo wings. All you need to prepare this awesome sauce is chicken, cream cheese, ranch, cheddar and hot sauce. Though the dish takes maximum of one hour to prepare but you will never regret spending time making it. In case you have invited some guests to you house, then you can always make necessary arrangements so that the sauce is prepared fast.

Prepare and enjoy the sauces for hot wings above and feel free to share your experience with us!


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Popular Sauces For Hot Wings