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Sunday Barbecue Ideas - Tips And Ideas To Plan A Sunday Barbecue

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There is nothing quite like a good old Sunday Barbecue on a sunny Sunday  afternoon when everyone is home and ready for something tasty to eat. Whether you are inviting guests, or simply want a delicious meal for the family, firing up the barbecue is assured to create a flavorful meal to satisfy the palate.





Marinades and sauces are the best way to put a different twist on the old favorites. If you are a novice, look for a good recipe for whatever meat you are cooking. If, however, you are familiar with flavorings and their uses you can always experiment in the kitchen to come up with your own marinade.  Apples or apple jam, nuts such as walnuts or pecans and brown sugar go well with pork chops. Citrus and acids such as lemon or lime juice work with poultry or fish. Red wines are a great alternative for marinating beef.





Most people don’t ever consider vegetables to make during a barbecue. However, do give it a try sometime. There are plenty of veggies that just great after being grilled, you just need to know which spices and seasonings to use to add some zing to the taste. You can make corn on the cob, potatoes in their jackets, when done just put ina  dollop of butter or sour cream in the potato. Buy some red and yellow peppers, asparagus, Portabello mushrooms. If you marinade them right, they taste fabulous after being grilled.





For party that’s not very big, just friends and family, pork ribs, chicken breasts, jumbo shrimp, salmon and rib eye steaks are very popular. You can make a variety of sides like grilled peppers, corn on the cob, zucchini, mushrooms, and asparagus are a few to consider.




No barbecue is complete without the essential utensils and plates. Use decorative disposable plates and utensils with a theme that corresponds to an event or season to decrease time spent in the kitchen doing cleanup. You can take some flameless tealight LED candles, have some soft music playing in the background, tons of drinks, puzzles and games for the kids, and of course lots of comfy seating. This will make for a perfect Sunday barbecue. If you would like to make some new friends in the neighborhood, this would be a great opportunity to invite them over.  



Most children will eat anything that's been grilled as long as it's tasty and not dried out. When serving food at a kid's barbecue, keep the dishes simple and the kids will leave happy.


Have fun with your Sunday barbecue. Surely with all these great ideas it should go off without a hitch.


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Sunday Barbecue Ideas - Tips And Ideas To Plan A Sunday Barbecue