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growing sorrelPlanning for growing sorrel in your home garden? Here you will find all the essential steps required for growing sorrel.


About sorrel:

Sorrel is a very useful herb which can be easily grown. Sorrel greatly resembles spinach in appearance and in taste it can range from comparable to the kiwifruit in young leaves, to a more acidic tasting older leaf.  Sorrel requires a sunny location with well-drained fertile soil.


Let’s see what are the essential steps involved for growing sorrel.


How to grow sorrel:



The basic tips to grow sorrel include:


  • Sow the sorrel seed ½ inch deep and 2-3 inches apart. You can thin the seedlings from 12 to 18 inches apart when the plants are around six to eight weeks old. Space the rows 18-24 inches apart.

  • Make sure to keep the sorrel evenly moist. Add compost to planting beds before planting and again at midseason.

  • Once the sorrel plants have established, the young leaves are suitable for picking on a regular basis from March to November.



Caring instructions for sorrel:



Sorrel likes sunny spot with a fertile and moisture-retentive soil.


After reading this article on growing sorrel, I am sure very soon, you will plant a sorrel for you and your family.

  • Just one week before sowing the seeds, you can fork and rake over the ground many times to establish a soil surface with a fine and level tithe. This should be free from all weeds and large stones. You can also scatter general organic fertilizer over the site.
  • To receive the constant supply of green leaves, harvest the plants on a regular basis throughout the growing season. To enjoy the best flavor of the sorrel leaves, use them on the same day as picking.


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Growing Sorrel