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how to grow dandelionsDandelion is such a useful and nutritious plant that I thought of growing dandelion in my own garden. The flowers of the dandelion can be used to make an herbal wine or even put into stir fries and cooked as fritters.


Dandelions need a long growing season and develop best in low temperatures. They grow best in well-drained and fertile soil. Let’s see the simple and easy techniques on how to grow dandelions.



Techniques for growing dandelions:


  1. Before growing the dandelions, you need to get the dandelion seeds. You can check in the Italian or gourmet greens section of garden retailer shops.

  2. After purchasing the seeds, you can start making the dandelion garden bed. Sow the seeds ¼ to ½ inch deep.

  3. Add the compost and other organic materials to the soil in order to make it rich and loamy.

  4. When you find the plants are growing, you can thin them and keep 6 inches space between each plant.

  5. Harvest the dandelions when the plants are of satisfactory size. You can cut below the crown with sharp knife so that the leaves remain attached. The best time to harvest the dandelion plants are in the early spring before the plants form flower stalks and go to seed. The greens will become bitter if the flowering occurs. However, you can reduce the bitterness of the leaves by the process of blanching.

  6. You can store the dandelion leaves and flowers in a freezer bag. Keep the bag in the refrigerator and take out whenever required.
    Dandelion plants




  1. If you are harvesting dandelions, make sure the plants have not been sprayed with any pesticides or herbicides. These pesticides and herbicides are toxic and may pose health risks to children, adults or pets.

  2. Do not use the dandelion leaves which has started to bolt, or flower. The leaves which have been bolted can be bitter and cause unpleasant taste.


Thus growing dandelion is a very easy task. They continue to produce more flowers every year if planted with all the favorable conditions.


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Growing Dandelion