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growing yamsI do not think there is anything as easy as growing yam. Yes, this article talks about simple ways to grow yam in your own garden.


About yam:

Yams are the versatile vegetables which can be barbecued, roasted, boiled, baked and when grated it is processed into a dessert recipe. Yam tubers can grow up to 8.2ft in length and weigh up to 70 kg. The vegetable has a rough skin which softens after heating.


Tips for growing yam:






You can start by sprouting the yams in the spring and plant them out once the frost has passed. Whilst the yams are sprouting, you can prepare the garden bed by digging to over well.



Site and soil type:



Always select the area where your yam receives full sunlight. Soil is also very important for growing yams. Yams need a well worked deep soil to thrive. They like well rotted manure and soils well laden with well rotted compost.

Either you could purchase the yam seeds or you could try sprouting your own from the yams you buy from the market.



Planting:Yams: sweet and delicious


Keep the yam seeds on a tray and allow them to sprout for few weeks. When the sprouts are around five centimetres long, they can be planted.

Plant in furrows, rows should be around 15cm deep with sprout facing up. Water well through dry periods and always protect the young shoots from snails or slugs.



Fertilizing the soil:



You can add fertilizers to the soil. Do not use fertilizers with high nitrogen as excessive nitrogen will result in lots of leafy growth instead of root growth. Yams require medium amounts of nitrogen and larger amounts of phosphate and potash. You can apply the fertilizer 2 to 3 weeks after planting.



Harvesting time:



You can harvest the yams when the leaves start to die down or turn yellow in the autumn or early winter. You just need to lift the yams out with a pitchfork. Be careful that you do not damage the skin.


Yams are the great tasting root vegetable as well as highly nutritious. Although you require time and patience in growing yam, the result can be very rewarding.


Enjoy the fruits of your labour!!


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Growing Yam