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Growing celeriacIf you are planning to grow celeriac in your own home garden, you should start with learning some useful tips about growing celeriac.


Celeriac is a kind of celery which has great taste and can be grated, roasted, baked or sliced. Instead of growing in the form of edible slender stems, celeriac forms a swollen bulb. Growing celeriac is much easier than growing celery. Check out some of the important tips and techniques on how to grow celeriac.


Growing Celeriac: tips and techniques


  1. While growing celeriac, always try to plant the seeds in early spring in large module seed trays, with two seeds per section. Make sure the seeds do not get dry. For that you have to maintain a constant temperature of 20 degrees centigrade.

  2. When the seedlings reach upto the height of 7 centimetres, you can place them outdoors during the day time and bring them back indoors at the night for a couple of days. Once the seedlings are acclimatised, they can be planted finally.

  3. You can remove the weaker seedling (if any) in order to allow the stronger seedlings to flourish.

  4. Mulch the plant properly and make sure to water them regularly. Inadequate watering may lead to hollow roots or bolting.

  5. During the summer time, you can remove few of the outer shoots in order to create a neat bulbous root.

  6. You should also mulch around the base of the plant with a thick layer of straw before the first frost in order to protect the crowns.

  7. Transplantation is not very much recommended when you are growing celeriac as it can damage the delicate roots. Therefore it is better to sow the seeds in compostable pots so that you can easily plant them out of the pots whenever required.


Instructions and Warnings on growing celeriac

how to grow celeriac

  1. Celeriac plant grows best in the soil which is rich in organic matter. Make sure to add fish manure at the time of plantation. This will help the plant to grow fast.

  2. Side dressing during the growing season with an organic fertilizer high in nitrogen can be very helpful. But make sure not to overdo the nitrogen as it will encourage leaf growth rather than root growth.


Celeriac is crisp and tasty but it is definitely not a great looker. But once you have tasted its exquisite flavour and texture after growing celeriac in your own garden, you will realize that ‘ugly is only skin deep.’


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Growing Celeriac