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Growing cassavaGrowing cassava is a detailed process, which requires essential tips from experts as well as the usual cultivating equipment. Cassava is generally cultivated as an annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions and is the most edible starchy tuberous root. If you want to grow cassava in your own garden, then this is where you will find all the essential tips required for growing cassava.


Being a rich source of calcium and potassium, cassava is considered a major food source by many countries. It just grows in any setting and it requires ten months’ time to grow with plenty of heat.


How to grow cassava:


• Before growing cassava, always make sure to select a healthy cassava stem from the plant which already has tubers.


• Keep the cassava stem in a cool and dry place and keep a watch for insects or any diseased portions.


• Now comes the soil preparation. Cassava likes to grow in a rich and moist soil. The cassava plant can even grow under very poor conditions but the plant will not grow very fast and roots will not be very large.


• After the soil preparation is done, you need to form raised ridges in rows. They need to be six to ten inches high and around a yard apart.


• Trim off the six inch section of the stem when the soil is moist. Make sure to cut in the same direction it grows. Bury half of the cut piece and press the soil around it.


• Similarly you can plant the other stems as well about one yard apart in the raised ridges.


• Keep watering the soil and mound the soil up around the plant to strengthen it against the winds.


• You can harvest the cassava tubers after ten months. Cut off the larger tubers and allow the smaller ones to grow.


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Cassava is more perishable than other major root and tuber crops. Therefore it must be harvested and handled with extreme care if you want to keep it for more than a week. Some of the best traditional methods of storage of fresh cassava include:


• Applying a thick coating of soft clay and mud


• Piling the roots in heaps and keeping them moist by watering them regularly


• You can also store small quantities of cassava in water.


If you follow these instructions for growing cassava, your cassava crop will provide lots of food for you and your family.


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Growing Cassava