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Growing Canna

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Cannas are one among the easy to grow plants.  Growing canna requires very little maintenance and care. Read this article to learn more about how to grow cannas and lending a tropical feel to your landscape.


Soil requirements for Growing Canna

The soil requirements for canna are very simple. Cannas grow well in any type of rich soil that is supplied with enough natural matter. Cannas tend to survive in poor soil too but the size of their leaf and color gets affected.  


Sunlight requirements for Growing Canna

Cannas love sunlight. They grow taller and better in abundant sunlight. They do not bloom in shade. So, grow them in an area that receives plenty of sunlight.


Water requirements for Growing Canna

Water requirement is yet another major factor that affects the growth of canna. Offer the plants enough water, so much so that the soil remains moist. Do not over-water. Situations of drought are not suitable for canna plants but they can survive short periods of dry soil. 


Feeding Cannas

Feeding cannas is as easy as growing them. You will either have to cut them or dig rhizomes at the end of the year depending on the area you sow them. Adding a layer of compost to the soil will enrich the soil and result in excellent blooms the next year.


How to Sow

The depth at which you must sow the rhizome differs from one place to another. Plant the cannas about 6-8 inches deep if you plant them in the southern areas.  If you live in the northern areas, dig a shallow trench to plant the cannas. Let me tell you the fact that these plants grow better in the southern areas.


What to do next?

If you have planted them in the southern region, leave them and allow them to grow on their own. Just leave them in the ground for the entire year. Top the soil with compost every year and that is all you will have to do. On the other hand, if you want to grow the plant in northern areas you will first have to dig the rhizomes during the fall before the frost. This will save the plant from being destroyed. Place them safely in a cool and dark place. Upon the arrival of spring, after the threat of frost is over, plant them again.  



You will love growing cannas as these are carefree as well as easy going plants!


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Growing Canna