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Growing Chickpeas

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Growing chickpeas can be an easy task provided you follow the instructions carefully. Before you want to harvest chickpeas, you will have to provide them about 100 days in order to mature. You must select that area for growing chickpeas which experiences a frost-free weather for a minimum period of three weeks. Warm, arid climate is most suitable for the growth of chickpeas. These beans appear in pods and they are harvested while they are green. After harvesting, they must be allowed to be dried so that you can use them later on.  


When to Plant Chickpeas?

The chickpeas must be planted in the garden during the spring time when the threat of frost has passed. If you begin to grow chickpeas in an area that does offer a great growing season, you must alternatively decide to grow the plants indoors. When you expect the last frost of the season, you must begin the seedling about two weeks before the same.  


Plant Chickpeas in Starter Tray First

Take a starter tray and plant the seeds keeping them 1 inch deep and leave between them 2 inches space. When the seeds reach a height of about 4 inches, you must transfer them into a garden. The soil of the tray must be moist so that the chickpeas can grow well. Also make sure that you put the tray in area that receives abundant sunlight.


Plant Chickpeas in Graden

The soil must be well-drained. Before you plant the chickpeas in the soil, add compost and manure to it that further aids the growth of the plant.

You must provide the plant enough growth room by keeping a space of 2 feet between the rows. There must be a space of at least four inches between the plants. The seeds must be planted exactly at that level where they were initially planted in the starter trays. 


Caring for the Plant 

In order to keep the plants moist, apply about 2-3 inches mulch on all sides of the chickpeas. This will also help against the growth of weeds. Make sure that the soil is only moist but not wet.  


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Growing Chickpeas