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How To Defrost Tilapia

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defrosting tilapia

Tilapia is versatile fish to cook and how to defrost tilapia is worth learning. Deforesting tilapia can be an easy and exciting task because this fish can be used for making several baking, frying, broiling, and grilling recipes. Tilapia is a soft fish and does not require any hard defrosting treatment, like general frozen seafood thawing processes. Let’s have a look how to defrost tilapia. 



Articles require for this defrosting process


  • The requirement for articles is minimal in tilapia defrosting process.
  • The items which are required are
  • Water in normal temperature
  • Bowl
  • Cookie sheet


You can avail three different processes for defrosting tilapia and these three processes are


  1. Defrosting by freezer
  2. Defrosting by microwave oven
  3. Defrosting by using cold water


Defrosting Tilapia by using freezer


  • Bring down the frozen Tilapia fish in general compartment of freeze and keep a cookie sheet warp on the frozen fish.
  • Place the frozen fish on a plate and place the plate in the freezer.
  • Allow the plate to sit there for next 24 hours.
  • Have a mild taste of the defrosting quality; you will surely found tender tilapia flesh, soft, fresh, cold and ready to be cooked.


Defrosting Tilapia by microwave oven


  • Those who are quickie and impulsive cooks will prefer this defrosting process than other slow moving processes.
  • Place the fish inside the oven.
  • Put the oven under defrosting mode.
  • Allow the fish to absorb heat for 3-5 minutes.
  • It will be back to its tender stage.
  • Now you know how to season and cook the fish when you are thorough how to defrost fridge.


How to defrost Tilapia by using cold water


  • Take bowlful water in normal room temperature.
  • Place the frozen tilapia fish inside the water, preferably in plastic cover.
  • Let the fished be drowned in water.
  • Change the water in every half an hour immediately after getting it cold.
  • It will take 1-2 hour of time for complete defrosting.




Never use warm water for tilapia defrosting because warm water may initiate quick decay room  temperature defrosting  is never recommended for tilapia defrosting; it may spoil the entire fish.


Now that you have learned the process how to defrost tilapia, it will now become an easy task and your house members will often enjoy this non-veg delicacy at their finger tips.


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How To Defrost Tilapia