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How To Defrost Salmon

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defrosting salmon

How to defrost salmon is quite a tricky issue as most of the conventional processes may harm the quality of the frozen salmon. Defrosting salmon in an improper way  may lead to incomplete cooking of the fish, as the outer portion of the fish gets soft while the inside of the same remains stiff and frozen and it completely spoils the taste of the dish. However, things are not that invincible as it seems to be because here I have described four convenient ways for defrosting salmon. Following any of these processes you can easily solve your confusion about how to defrost salmon before cooking any salmon recipes.



Defrosting Salmon In Various Ways


Defrosting Salmon At Room Temperature


You can put the salmon in the refrigerator; keep it under room temperature for at least 24 hours. Once the fish is kept under room temperature for 24 hours, it will get defrosted and will be tender enough ready for cooking.


How To Defrost Salmon In Cold Water


You can defrost the frozen salmon in normal cold water. As a prior precaution, you have to warp the fish in a plastic cover and place it in the tub. Keep on replacing the water once it becomes too cold so that it initiates faster defrosting.


Defrosting Salmon With Microoven


You can place the fish in the microoven for defrosting. Before placing the fish inside the oven set the defrost mode of the oven and on the oven. In this defrosting method, you have to check the fish every time by turning it at every side so that the fish gets properly defrosted.


How To Defrost Salmon In Oven


You can defrost the fish in the oven; in this process you have to put the oven on the lowest setting and then you have to place the fish within a casserole so that the fish remains moist against the heat application on it.


Warning About Defrosting Salmon


It is un-proper to defrost salmons for quite along time in room temperature; in this way for the fish may get contaminated by air borne bacteria. There are several instances, where the salmon inside may remain frozen while the outside portion may get spoiled.


Now when you have learned the ways concerning how to defrost salmon, it is easier for you to use this tasty fish most often for making different salmon recipes; For plenty of sumptuous salmon recipes, browse through recipe section.

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How To Defrost Salmon