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How To Defrost Lobster

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Defrosting lobster

How to defrost lobster is a utility question for those who love this sea food like anything. In fact defrosting lobster has become one of the parts of its cooking process because frozen lobsters are mostly available instead of getting them in fresh condition. It is indeed a simple process, in fact there are more than one process for defrosting tasty lobsters keeping in tact their food values and hygiene part. If you are one of them who love to have lobsters and wish to learn the process how to defrost lobster read on here…..



Now if the hygienic defrosting of frozen lobster is concerned, there are three ways to defrost lobsters; these are defrosting by


  • Cold water
  • The use of freezer
  • Using microwave oven


Handy Tips For How To Defrost Lobster


Defrosting lobster by freezer


Defrosting lobster by freezer is perhaps one of the best ways to defrost lobster, while retaining its food value, taste, and natural flavor. The entire process is quite simple and easy to learn.


  • Take the lobster out of the deep freezer.
  • Put is on a plate.
  • Place the plate inside freezer lower compartment.
  • Allow the lobsters there on the place for next 8-10 hours.
  • Warp the frozen lobsters inside a leak-free plastic bag or with aluminum foil so that while getting defrosted it should not stink the entire freeze.
  • When you will find the lobsters tender , bring them out and wash them once under normal running water.


Defrosting lobster by using cold water


In case you want to cook your frozen lobsters almost instantly, using cold water is the best process to do it.


  • Place the lobster in a plastic warp.
  • Place the wrapped lobsters in a water-filled bowl and then place the bowl in the sink under the running tap water source.
  • Allow the tap water to run on the wrapped lobster.
  • It takes almost 2-3 hours to get the whole bulk defrosted.


Defrosting lobster by using microwave oven


Micro wave defrosting process is quicker than any two other processes already I have described before.


  • You have to use your defrost cycle for 3-5 minutes.
  • You have to turn your lobsters once you have finished the first hands defrosting by microwave oven otherwise there is high chance that the exterior of the lobster may get boiled and cooked while inside will remain frozen and thus may spoil the taste and texture both of the thawed lobster.


Now when you have already managed to know the three best processes how to defrost lobsters, it‘s all party time. You can now purchase frozen lobsters from any grocery shop and can cook wonderful lobsters’ recipes. Have a look at recipe section you may get some good cooking ideas from the lobsters you have defrosted since morning.


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How To Defrost Lobster